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Software Company CS Solutions merges with ediTRACK to become Adjuno

February 3, 2016
Posted by adjuno
supply chain management software, scm solutions, b2b supply chain management software

Software Company CS Solutions merges with
UK partner ediTRACK to become Adjuno

Today marks the launch of Adjuno, a global software company offering a vast product portfolio of cloud based B2B supply chain and PLM solutions.

The launch of Adjuno is about UNITING two software companies, CS Solutions and ediTRACK but far more. It represents a new era in B2B cloud software, where whole trading communities are UNITED into a single collaborative supply chain network.

The companies already have a twenty year history of continuous growth and are trusted by over 150 retailers, brands, manufacturers and logistics companies including Myer, Sainsbury’s, Bunnings, Morrisons, Super Retail Group, The Foschini Group.

Adjuno develop, deliver and support an end-to-end suite of configurable and scalable software products within a single UNITED cloud platform, helping organisations manage their extended supply chain process from product concept through to cash.

With Regional Headquarters in Hong Kong and UK, plus a wider network of offices and representatives, Adjuno is setup with the expertise and the resources to plugin where it’s needed. With an enviable global service delivery network and rapid integration tools, Adjuno UNITEs ‘virtually’, customers systems with those of their external trading partners without all the traditional challenges.

Adjuno is derived from the Latin word Aduno, meaning ‘UNITE’, a value that lies at their very core. Their mission is to UNITE a global community of users with software that drives real results through streamlined administrative efficiency. It’s also embedded with best practice management tools by design. The technology inspires and supports its customers’ operational goals and objectives.

“This marks the start of a new era in cost effective, entirely scalable and easy to configure collaborative software that really does deliver. There’s no need to operate in silos, getting buried in emails and offline attachments, nor the usual fear of trying to integrate old world technology and needless expenditure. Please do reach out and let us share with you what we know really works”. Greg Reeve, Chief Commercial Officer, Adjuno.

supply chain management software, scm solutions, b2b supply chain management software