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5 ideas to change the world

June 20, 2017
Posted by adjuno

On the 14th June, Adjuno attended an event hosted by the Spectator in Westminster, UK, entitled ‘5 ideas to change the world.’


The event had a host of speakers with each of them presenting an idea that could reshape our future with a broad range of topics.

The panel was chaired by the BBC Daily Politics presenter, Jo Coburn and the speakers included;

  • Toby Young a cofounder of three free schools discussed his thoughts on how to make a successful school with his idea “The Secret sauce of the most successful schools.” In the USA they have developed Charter Schools, but only some of these have shown a marked improvement in education standards. On investigation these turned out to be ‘No Excuses’ schools. Where discipline is strict, standards are high and students are at school for longer hours and more days than normal schools. This model has been applied at the Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School in the UK which has come out as the most improved school in the country and is also in one of the most deprived areas. The model seems to be something that can be copied from the USA but requires more research to prove it.

Secondly, he highlighted how in other areas like the NHS; technology has transformed the delivery and standards but so far technology has not improved the teaching standards in this country and that will be a big challenge for the future.

  • Professor Tony Young from the NHS who spoke on “How the NHS can become a Silicon Valley for health.” He has raised £500m in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University and is in the first stage of his project. He has created a surgical simulator App which allows you to try out your own surgery techniques.
  • Vinay Gupta from Ethereum discussed the future of Blockchain in the internet through his topic entitled “The Blockchain: the next phase of the internet? Can it help solve some of our hard global problems?” Blockchain will within the next 5-10 years merge with cloud technologies and the problems it could solve will be understood. As its popularity has grown, performance has been a problem but as other ideas such as Ethereum smart contracts grow it is introducing a huge change in computing technology. Various markets are getting into Blockchain technology but this is showing up some of its deficiencies particularly performance and as the concept matures more work is going on to develop faster platforms.
  • Timandra Harkness a presenter for BBC Radio 4 spoke on “Big data: does size matter?” This looked at the benefits and issues surrounding big data and how it will affect our lives going forward.
  • Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic finally discussed on his expectations in regards to democracy with his topic “The future of democracy is digital.”

Overall it was a very thought-provoking event that provided us with insights into a range of different areas which could affect and reshape the world and its developments in the future.

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