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2017 Company Team Day at the National Space Centre

July 12, 2017
Posted by Whitney Armstrong

On the 11th July, the Adjuno 2017 UK conference took place at the National Space Centre in Leicester which brought together offices from Langley, Leeds and Coventry.

After registration the day kicked off with welcome tea and coffee giving chance for networking opportunities with new employees and offering the chance to catch up with familiar faces. Everyone then gathered into the Shuttle Suite for presentations which were kicked off by Dan Weston, COO-Europe. This provided employees with an overall update on Adjuno and shared visions for the future of the company. There were also further presentations from other team members covering Technical, Customer Support and People Operations, followed by a Question & Answer session.

The conference then broke for lunch which allowed attendees to explore the Space Centre and grab a bite to eat. It also warranted the opportunity for further networking.

After lunch employees were split into two groups for workshops and a team building activity.

The innovation workshop took a Dragon’s Den style of approach where employees were split into six different groups to come up with a new and innovative idea which they then had to pitch to a panel. With the prize of an extra day annual leave up for grabs everyone worked together to rack their brains for the most thought provoking and slightly unconventional ideas.

The team building activity was appropriately themed around space and saving the planet from an Earth destroying comet. Each of the members were assigned a role to play in the simulation, this included jobs such as medics and life support officers. Half of the team were then ‘launched into space’ while the others were working in ground control. The activity called for team work from both groups through communication and carrying out various space activities. We can officially now confirm that the mission was a success and Earth has been saved thanks to the hard working employees of Adjuno!

Finally there was a wrap up of the day’s events, which thanked everyone for their participation. Overall the day was a success as it brought together employees from offices across the UK and built a stronger Adjuno team working towards a common goal.


Whitney is a key member of the commercial team within Adjuno, based in the UK, she is responsible for assisting with the sales and marketing of its supply chain solutions. Whitney has a range of experience from working within compliance at a global healthcare company, to customer service for various companies in the retail industry.