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How AI Can Facilitate Knowledge Management

September 20, 2017
Posted by Eric Ng

We recently attended the “KM and AI: People and Technology” event which explored how the emerging influence of AI, big data, machine learning and cloud computing is starting to support and enrich our own cognitive abilities. It was an action-packed event with four key note sessions and a panel discussion.

The event was inaugurated by four keynote speakers: Prof. Eric Tsui, Mr. Dion Wiggins, Mr. Larry Campbell and Mr. Anthony ‘Tas’ Tasgal. Between them the speakers tackled some of the myths around big data and AI and discussed the emerging applications and what they may mean for businesses, their employees and their customers.

The forthcoming evolutions of AI are constantly being speculated upon, but there’s no doubt that in terms of the supply chain, it will assist in making swifter, more accurate decisions. Machine learning opens the door for tighter stock control, real time shipment modifications, demand forecasting and precise forward planning. Some of the further suggested innovations, and key take-aways for us from the event, included:

  • AI will become a “game-changer” for process automations, sweeping the business and manufacturing world by storm, replacing humans in many of the job tasks by constantly re-dividing the human-machine and job boundary.
  • The driving forces behind AI’s resurgence are IoT, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management. Together these trends have developed and enhanced AI to the revolutionary level that was always intended.
  • Although AI may mean some human based roles are replaced by machines, businesses need to avoid becoming ‘slaves to the algorithm’ and ensure human employees play a key role as generators of creativity and innovation.
  • Future management of the customer experience will see AI being applied in a complementary manner to traditional customer support functions, not overtaking them.
  • The evolution of customer experiences and expectations will shape the increasing adaptation to new AI user experiences, but companies will still need to continue to consider other issues such as sustainability and ethics.

Did you attend? We would love to hear what you thought about the discussions and potential future of AI. Tweet us @adjunosolutions



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Eric Ng – Application Support Manager, Adjuno
Eric is the Head of Support for Adjuno HK, part of the Adjuno's Global Customer Support function. He has 10 years' experience in project implementation and service delivery of some large-scale, mission-critical digital solutions and enterprise business systems across various industry verticals within Asia Pacific. His research interests cover - Digital Commerce, UX & Service Design, Organisational Learning & Development.