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Horses vs Unicorns – which type defines you?

July 15, 2016
Posted by Mark Henderson


Adjuno recently attended an event on Cloud-Enabled Transformation in Retail on 7th July 2016 organised by British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. The event focused on how there are typically two types of IT organisations who operate within the retail sector, “Horses” and “Unicorns”.

“Horses” are big, less agile entities that rely on tried and trusted technologies to deliver content to their customers. “Unicorns” are typically represented by born digitals, they are willing to try new methods even if they stand to fail initially, they usually learn through failure and can innovate as a result. Unicorns leverage open source technology and are typically keen adopters of cloud technology. They recognise that there is not a single cloud, rather it is about delivering services across a number of clouds that can all integrate but can be easily changed in terms of the technologies they run.

The key speaker at the event was Nigel Green. During the event Nigel focused on change strategies, and business-technology architectures, for large organisations, including:  CLP Power Hong Kong, Hutchison Port Holdings, and DHL Worldwide Express, among many others. Most recently, he’s been helping a major European retail business in their transformation from a traditional, to a Digital-era, business.

To summarise the session, below mentioned are 3 takeaway points –

  • Don’t be afraid to fail, simply fail fast, learn and then move on
  • Leverage open source technology where possible
  • Get “buy-in” from C level executives, demonstrate to them incremental change

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Mark Henderson, Senior Platform Manager, Adjuno
Mark is the technical lead for the Adjuno Hong Kong team. He helps to deliver a range of cloud based B2B software solutions to retail customers in the Asia-Pacific region.