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Mysource Evolves into Common Objective

June 7, 2017
Posted by adjuno

Last year we worked with the Ethical Fashion Forum to back the development of Mysource, a new platform designed to help the industry “Do Fashion Better”. Since then the continuous development of Mysource has led to a natural branding evolution. The mission, vision and ambitions of the site are to nurture a community that will build great businesses that create value for all. To do this, collaboration is key, as is everyone working together with a common goal. That’s why Mysource has rebranded to “Common Objective”, abbreviated to CO – standing for better business.

To eradicate the risks linked with non-compliance, so that scandals such as slave labour become a thing of the past, it’s now crucial that supplier relationship management is approached strategically. We are really excited to continue our work with CO and the online B2B platform that matches fashion professionals with the right connections and resources to build successful businesses, without compromising the need to safeguard ethical and sustainable business practices. The platform matches users with the people and resources to do business better, and rewards sustainability with higher search rankings, giving users a sense of security and making sustainability more of an opportunity not a cost.

One of the main challenges considered by the Ethical Fashion Forum is how do you grow a profitable company in a sustainable way with respect to the people behind the products and to the environment? Both we and CO believe that this can be achieved through business having improved visibility, transparency and compliance in fashion supply chains. These factors are what allow for effectively managed supply chains and truly connected supplier networks, from source through to final delivery.



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