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Thought Leadership from Adjuno

The Sustainable Palm Oil Puzzle

The negative environmental impacts of palm oil have been well documented for over twenty years, but as more and more […]

Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics – Buzzwords or Business Benefits?

We recently spoke at the International Supply Chain Seminar hosted by Allport Cargo Services in London. In front of the […]

Get Brexit Ready

The lack of clarity surrounding the implications of Brexit continues to frustrate retailers across the UK. Everything is still very […]

Achieving sustainability – collaborate, then compete

Whether it is awareness driven by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet or the ‘mindful buying’ millennials and Generation Zs, the impact […]

Discover 3A’s of Predictive Analytics

Discover 3A’s of Predictive Analytics   As supply chains become ever-more complex, the focus is on gathering, analysing and auctioning [...]

Lessons to Learn from the KFC Crisis

The closing of hundreds of KFC restaurants last month has highlighted the importance of closely working with suppliers in order […]


In order to create exceptional customer journeys within our modules that help retailers efficiently access the insights they need, and […]

Unlocking the secrets of the global supply chain

  Supply chains are becoming ever more complex as organisations respond to the demands of an eCommerce dominated world. In […]

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