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Thought Leadership from Adjuno

Are insurers and their claims functions adequately equipped for GDPR changes?

Data protection law is getting a drastic overhaul by May 2018, of which the consequences of breaching new laws are […]

Making the ‘moment of truth’ a positive one during insurance claims

The quality of customer experience increasingly dominates brand values and buying decisions.  Yet for the insurance sector customer touch points […]

IoT from Vision to Action

Last week we attended the “Hong Kong Internet of Things Conference 2017” focusing on three areas of IoT technology innovation […]

How can brands achieve a Sustainability-Centric Retail Model?

How can brands achieve a Sustainability-Centric Retail Model? As consumer attention on environmental issues increases ‘sustainability’ is the word on […]

Sourcing is about value chain improvement – not just cost cutting

On 8th and 9th June, Adjuno attended the ‘Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit’ organised by GlobalSCM group in Singapore. It […]

5 ideas to change the world

On the 14th June, Adjuno attended an event hosted by the Spectator in Westminster, UK, entitled ‘5 ideas to change […]

Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management

  On 25th May Adjuno spoke at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2017 China Focus (SCCN2017) in Shanghai, China. The […]

Mysource Evolves into Common Objective

Last year we worked with the Ethical Fashion Forum to back the development of Mysource, a new platform designed to […]

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