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After orders are confirmed, use our solutions to monitor all the crucial steps that need to take place before your orders are loaded on to trucks, ships or aircraft. Our Critical Path Management module records all progress through sample, artwork, fabric, testing stages; our Tech Pack Management module records the detailed sample iterations, measurements, comments; our Venpak module prompts your vendors to confirm exactly how they will pack your product after production is complete. Encourage your vendors to book their cargo through our vendor portal, saving them time by carrying forward all the master data from your orders. Build in rules to prevent shipment of early, late, too much or too little stock through our Shipment Authorisation module. Monitor the progress of your shipments through origin processing – we can provide full visiblity of complex origin pick and pack operations either on-line or through electronic messaging. Finally use our platform to instruct your local transport providers to pick up your stock once the necessary customs formalities are complete. If you have many containers to manage at your local ports, our FLOMAN module can help you prioritise by automatically calculating a score for each container based on your pre-set criteria – if the items in the container are out of stock, on promotion, part of a new store launch, have been flagged as special priority. Before your orders reach your DCs, you will need to account for the cost of holding the stock – you can use our automated Actual Landed Cost module to add all your supply chain costs to the original FOB cost: origin charges and trucking, air or sea freight charges, customs duty and brokerage and finally destination transport and DC processing.