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Manage your product development process on a single platform

Critical Path Tracker

One of the main features of our Critical Path Tracker solution is flexibility; you can choose from our extensive suite of templates, and we can configure it to suit the needs of your business. This makes the product development process easier to manage, and it also drives a standard way of working for your organisation, which reduces the margin for error and improves quality levels.

All of the major product categories are covered with the Critical Path Tracker solution, including general merchandise, electrical items, furniture, clothing, footwear, and accessories. Our Business Intelligence (BI) tool enables you to measure macro-level performance and status while also drilling into micro-level KPIs regarding sampling, fabric, production, and shipment performance.

Benefits of implementing our Critical Path Tracker:

  • Faster speed to market
  • Enhance efficiency levels by standardising best working procedures
  • Boost the availability of your range with on-time compliance
  • Reduce administration by automating manual processes
  • Improve performance through KPI measurement