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Beyond compliance - Positive change through collaboration, measurement and analysis

We can help you with your CSR solution and supply chain challenges

Manage and improve Corporate Social Responsibility programs with our CSR solution. You’ll enjoy greater control over the external supply chain process and better visibility. Configure the system to manage increasingly complex targets so that your business operations can be sustainable and responsible

Enjoy visibility of your processes and resources across multi-tiered suppliers and 3rd party logistics providers – from the beginning of the process to the final delivery. Record all ethical supplier audit data, connect with all partners, easily share information and track corrective action plans and improvement programs.

When your audit result visibility is improved you can measure compliance against targets, such as those set by the Ethical Trading Initiatives (ETI), CO2 emissions standards and international timber. As we can integrate with any 3rd party solution, it’s easy to consolidate all of your data. Easily measure and report CSR program result with Business Intelligence tools.

To learn more about how our solutions can help you with your CSR goals, talk to us.