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Specify product requirements and monitor samples from design to delivery.

Tech Pack

Our Tech Pack brings all stakeholders, from merchandisers to sourcing suppliers, together so they can work and share information on a single platform. You can ensure that consistent standards are achieved by importing information regarding existing default product styles, points of measure, and wash and care guidelines into the product library.

We can also configure this solution to suit the needs of your business; configure the workflow required and select the processes to share with your vendors and origin teams so that you do not need to enter data twice and waste time.

Benefits of implementing or Tech Pack solution:

  • ┬áIncrease speed to market
  • Improve sample quality
  • Reduce the number of sample iterations required
  • Standardise the best working procedures
  • Reduce administration costs by the harmonisation of processes
  • Automate manual processes for improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhance vendor collaboration
  • Improve performance through KPI measurement