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Synopsis of Cloud Expo Asia 2017

May 31, 2017
Posted by Mark Henderson

On 24th and 25th May, Adjuno attended the ‘Cloud Expo Asia 2017’ organised by Closer Still Media in Hong Kong. This was the largest event of its kind in South-East Asia, as it gathered together over 200+ IT vendors and organisations, over 7000 industry professionals and over 250 speakers were invited to engage with leaders from Microsoft, Oracle, Alibaba and many more, where topics including IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and many other industry issues were discussed.

The main message we heard during the event was “The Internet of Things (IoT) is key to achieving digital transformation”.

If you missed it, below is a snapshot of some of the key takeaways from the keynote speeches and panel discussions covered during the expo.

  • Mr. Fred Sheu shared some of the insights on the ‘Digital Transformation with IoT and Big Data’ Organisations are embracing digital transformation to thrive in today’s competitive environment and meet customer’s expectation. This session highlighted how Microsoft’s Digital Transformation strategy can support the industry by leveraging IoT and Big Data technologies. Fred also shared several use cases targeting common IoT scenarios while simplifying deployment and providing the ability to scale their solutions to encompass millions of IoTs over Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure.
  • Mr.Thomas Jakob, regional President Asia-Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations shared his insights on “Optimising the business through Big Data, Analytics, and IoT”. As digital transformation progresses, IoT as an enabling technology and services layer is also rapidly maturing. Thomas focused on how IoT’s value and associated data analytic services can be leveraged efficiently for integrated end-to-end solutions in manufacturing, with concrete examples illustrating how this is achieved. He also showed how open ecosystems and industry partnerships are vital for advancing the state of IoT and how manufacturing companies can take advantage of these developments today.
  • Ms. Flora Yu and Mr. Kerry Liu shared their thoughts on “Innovations in A.I. and Advanced analytics to drive digital transformation”. Flora Yu from Microsoft focused on Microsoft’s strategy for cloud computing centers on empowering IT pros to generate business value and lead digital transformation within your organization. Furthermore, both speakers also discussed the latest technology innovations that will help to make the organizations more agile and productive.
  • Mr. Steve Ng presented and discussed “IoT success via a multi-cloud strategy”. He revealed IoT requires an IT strategy reaching beyond traditional boundaries in order to collect data and perform analytics. He highlighted points to note in terms of solutions design, implementation, and ongoing IoT operations. He also demonstrated how a multi-cloud strategy ensures a reliable platform and facilitates integration of IOT solution components.
  • Mr. Eric Chan shared his personal experience as an innovator and product development professional together with customer cases on successful DX journey. Cloud services offer tremendous opportunities for large and small companies to be the disruptors instead of being disrupted. Furthermore, he also discussed the industrial revolution 4.0 poses challenges as well as opportunities to corporations; the name of the game is agility and time to market.
  • Mr. Hans Lombardo covered one of the hottest topics of the day, “Blockchain-based IoT device identity protocol”. He discussed how developing a strong identity protocol for machines and devices is essential to IoT security and machine interoperability. By establishing and securing device identity, devices can be trusted and device cloning can be mitigated. Moreover, machines that know each other can trust each other, and a common identity protocol may lead to higher M2M performance. By utilizing a blockchain to create a “birth certificate” on the factory floor, it will be possible to create a secure registry of devices – including linkage to device and manufacture reputation and performance history. Moreover, the integration of blockchain and IoT will facilitate secure collection and collation of the enormous amount of data that explosion in devices will generate, and further distribute and anonymize it from private to public chains.
  • Mr. Bertrand Chen presented his insights and experience on “Customer experience in the time of Machine Learning”. Bertrand referred to Forrester research and pointed out we are currently living in the age of the Customer. Hence delivering the right Customer Experience is key to the survival of many companies during the Digital Transformation. The vast amount of data being collected routinely could be used to craft the right experience. But many challenges remain, specifically those 3 questions –
    – How can we use Data to generate Insights about Customer Experience?
    – How can we use those Insights at scale?
    – How can we improve those Insights over time?
    The answer to all those questions is Machine Learning.

Furthermore, there were few panel discussions on:

  • “Optimising the business through Big Data/ Analytics and IoT”. This panel was chaired by Ernest Lo, Chairman, Hong Kong IoT Alliance and below were the panel members:
  • – Thomas Jakob, Regional President Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations
  • – Tim Chan, Head of Business Intelligence, United Asia Finance Limited
  • “Future 2027 – How does the next 10 years look for cloud service providers and cloud ecosystems”.

Below were the panel members:

  • Alex Chan, CEO – Babbobox
  • Chris Chelliah, Group Vice President & Chief Architect, Core Technology & Cloud – Oracle APAC
  • Michael Mudd, Managing Partner – Asia Policy Partners LLC
  • Yong Ki RS, Chief Corporate Technology – Paramount Enterprise International

To conclude – as forecasted by Gartner the installed base of IoT devices will reach over 20 billion worldwide by 2020. Also, the tech stack of the future consists of 4 layers: IoT, the Cloud, a secure transaction layer and an AI layer.


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Mark Henderson, Senior Platform Manager, Adjuno
Mark is the technical lead for the Adjuno Hong Kong team. He helps to deliver a range of cloud based B2B software solutions to retail customers in the Asia-Pacific region.