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The Technology of AI and Data

February 7, 2018
Posted by Mark Henderson

On the 22nd of January, Adjuno attended the ‘Will Your Job Be Lost to Robots?: The Technology of AI & Data’ seminar hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. As the latest event in their Innovation and Technology series, this seminar focused on the history of AI and the wider global impact it is having on businesses and the workforce of today.

The thought-provoking seminar was headed up by speaker, Ikhlaq Sidu, Founding Faculty Director – Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Berkeley. Touching on his experiences with AI and Data, Ikhlaq had lots of industry tips to share, exploring how businesses can use AI to empower their workforce. Reflecting on the work he has carried out with the University of California, Berkeley, Ikhlaq analysed the potential of transient job loss, the economic benefits and the policy recommendations of AI and data technology.

As part of the forthcoming ‘fourth industrial revolution’, businesses will begin to automate decisions and operations at a large scale with technologies including AI, data and robotics. However, these technologies cannot solve real life problems better than humans, in fact AI cannot even work without humans. And although AI may replace some human based roles by machines, businesses need to avoid becoming ‘slaves to the algorithm’ and ensure human employees play a key role as generators of creativity and innovation. Some of the further suggested innovations, and key takeaways from the event, included:

  • The future for AI is ‘singularity’; AI won’t require human intervention to become more intelligent and computers will become self-sufficient, with the ability to make their own decisions.
  • Each year large scale visual recognition challenges are ran to see how accurately a machine using AI can reliably classify. From looking at 1.5 million images, the latest data has shown that AI can outperform a human, getting less than 5% of all images incorrectly classified.
  • According to the World Economic Forum, we could see seven million jobs lost in the next five years through automation, however history teaches us that places that use automation to increase their efficiency have very low unemployment rates owing to increased economic growth.

Did you attend? We would love to hear your thoughts about the discussion and the potential future of AI in business

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Mark Henderson, Senior Platform Manager, Adjuno
Mark is the technical lead for the Adjuno Hong Kong team. He helps to deliver a range of cloud based B2B software solutions to retail customers in the Asia-Pacific region.