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10 keys reasons to choose a career in supply chain management

August 24, 2016
Posted by James Hargraves

Ask a classroom full of students what they want to be when they finish education, and there will be few (if any) seeking a supply chain management career. Much of this is simply because these youngsters have never seen a supply chain management job description, and are completely unaware of the full potential of a role in that field.

A supply chain management career can be extremely rewarding, however – here are our top 10 reasons why more people should consider it.

  1. Resilience to economic downturns

The global financial markets have been in a state of flux for several years, but this appears to have had little impact on supply chain management salaries or job availability. Even in times of uncertainty, people and organisations need goods, and the supply chain manager still needs to source and deliver them.

  1. Constant career growth

Supply chain practices continue to change as new channels and technologies emerge. Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are radically changing the way organisation interact at every stage of the production and fulfilment process, and the supply chain management job description must adjust accordingly.

  1. Career advancement opportunities

As a constantly evolving field, supply chain management is a field that offers plenty of opportunities, both to new entrants and well-experienced managers. For candidates seeking a long, varied career with plenty of opportunities for advancement, supply chain management is a smart choice – particularly as the industry typically recruits and promotes from within from junior levels.

  1. Plentiful and diverse opportunities

With so many openings, a supply chain management career is a good choice for both men and women seeking a senior position with development potential. The fact that supply chain management skills are in such high demand means that the field is wide open to increased diversity.

  1. Good remuneration packages available

An efficient supply chain is vital to most businesses, helping them cut costs and improve the service offered to clients. As a result, the average supply chain management salary is very competitive for roles of similar seniority – helping to make these roles particularly attractive.

  1. Leadership development potential

The usual supply chain management career starts with a relatively junior role. The employee then learns on the job, and is often promoted internally as opportunities arise. With more experience and refined skills, it is possible to move into senior leadership roles that have a significant impact on the business as a whole. This also means that new supply chain management careers are opening all the time.

  1. Opportunities to work across different industries

The negotiation and management skills developed managing a supply chain can often translate directly to senior management positions in other industries. Developing in-demand “soft” skills will open new opportunities so that supply chain managers can change industry at a later date if they want to.

  1. International travel options

For a business to compete effectively in the global marketplace, it must have a supply chain to match. Supply chain managers frequently meet with producers and vendors based abroad, giving them a chance to sightsee and experience new cultures and get paid for the privilege.

  1. Greater scope of responsibilities

The modern supply chain is tightly integrated with core business operations, so the supply chain manager is constantly acquiring new responsibilities. This makes the supply chain management an increasingly important person within the company and helps to add variety to the job.

  1. Grows your professional network

Meeting with suppliers and customers across the world allows supply chain managers to build strong personal relationships with other executives. As well as forming good friendships, the development of a wide professional network opens further opportunities to forge a very successful supply chain management career.

Careers in supply chain management are an increasingly smart choice for ambitious men and women. And with no sign of a slowdown, there’s never been a better time to join.

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James Hargraves – Business Development Director, Adjuno
James is a supply chain process and visibility expert, and has worked for a variety of global 3PLs, focusing on delivering cost and administrative efficiencies to retail clients. He has previously worked in Australasia and Dubai and has been based in Hong Kong since 2010. James currently manages the Supply Chain team at Adjuno, working with our global retail customers to optimize their supply chains.