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Adjuno to attend “The IoT Revolution for Insurance: Part 1 – The Connected Home”

March 7, 2017
Posted by adjuno

Smart homes and insurance

On Weds 8th March, Gareth King, Senior Product Manager from Adjuno will be attending TechUK’s event in London. The 2-hour conference will explore ways in which The Internet of Things is revolutionising insurance, with specific focus on connected homes.

IoT will bring a wide range of connected devices into our homes and our cars. Smart security devices will be able to track how protected a home is against burglary and alert homeowners to any breach or malfunction. Smart alarms will detect potential fire/water problems and prevent problems before they arise. Smart devices in cars will be able to avert potential collisions before they happen, track driving behaviour and gather data on everything from attempted thefts to the average speeds of drivers. The examples go on. All these innovations will give insurance companies huge amounts of data and allow them to tailor policies to suit the individual.

The event aims to evaluate whether or not the industry is ready to take full advantage of these Smart technologies? What needs to change to allow them to do so? In addition, are they fully aware of the opportunities offered by ‘InsurTech’ in terms of new products and business models? Are their systems robust enough to deal with the increased flow of data? Moreover, are consumers sufficiently aware of the tech and its powers to collect data?

techUK’s Internet of Things & Financial Services Programmes this year will explore the challenges and opportunities presented to the insurance industry by growing connectivity in the home and on the roads. The first of these sessions will focus on the connected home and one will follow later in the year on the car.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Judd Ferrer, CEO/ Co-Founder, Tenentia
  • Charles Bennett, Sales and Partnerships Director Financial Services, Dixons Carphone
  • Matt Cullen, Head of Strategy Data and Analytics, Association of British Insurers
  • Susan McKiernan, Counsel, Fintech, Hogan Lovells

If you plan to attend this event, Gareth looks forward to meeting with you to share his experience of delivering claims fulfilment innovation to Tier 1 insurers as well as the London Market. As well as sharing some of his ideas around how Smart technologies can be used during the process.