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Adjuno to participate in Webinar on ‘Sustainable Sourcing at Scale’ hosted by the Ethical Fashion Forum

January 27, 2017
Posted by adjuno



Adjuno, specialists in delivering cloud based supply chain management software and a founding partner of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Mysource Platform, are to participate in Part 2 of a Sustainable Sourcing Series. The second installment focuses on the opportunities for ‘sourcing sustainably at scale’ and a webinar discussing the challenges will take place on 8 February at 3pm.

During the webinar, Dan Weston, COO at Adjuno will be sharing his expertise on how organisations can integrate sustainable practices into their supply chain processes, as part of a triple bottom line approach.

In particular, Dan will talk about how technology can ease the risks associated with rapid business growth through creating flexibility to scale sustainable supply chains as sourcing patterns grow in size and complexity and larger numbers of stakeholders become involved where consistent execution becomes more challenging.

As the fashion industry takes more notice of the impact that its product lifecycles have on the millions of garment workers worldwide, part 2 of this series will look at how some of the largest players are altering their business practices in a bid to meet sustainability challenges and targets.

Also coming up in Part 2 of the Sustainable Sourcing Series:

  • How Standards and Certification can help with Sourcing Sustainably at Scale (including helping you find suitable suppliers)
  • Fast Fashion, Mass Manufacture, and Meaningful Work
  • Sourcing Sustainably at Scale from Africa
  • The UK’s Modern Slavery Act

To receive all these reports direct to your inbox or to register for the webinar taking place on 8 February, please visit the Ethical Fashion Forum’s website here.

To find out more about the work Adjuno’s doing in the fashion industry browse the website: www.adjuno.com