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Adjuno set to attend an event on Made in China 2025: The Future of Manufacturing and Sourcing

June 29, 2016
Posted by Shweta Chordiya
Today, Adjuno will attend the breakfast briefing event organised by The British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong. This event will be presented by Dr. Neale O’Connor Managing Director and Founder of Ricebox. He will discuss Hong Kong’s role in the Made in China 2025 plan, an initiative to upgrade the Chinese manufacturing industry, encouraging innovation-driven production. This initiative draws intelligent manufacturing, i.e. applying the tools of information technology to production. Its guiding principles are to have manufacturing be innovation-driven, emphasize quality over quantity, achieve green development, optimise the structure of Chinese industry, and nurture human talent.
Dr. O’Connor will integrate his experience in the field based on over 1,000 interviews with Chinese manufacturers with recent data gained from interviews with 20 executives and over 15 factory visits in the region during the past five months.
The talk will also include videos of innovative factories (and factories to avoid) as well as case studies of recent start-ups and their prototyping challenges.
At Adjuno we work very closely with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and brands so it’s an ideal event to understand the challenges for factories and exchange our knowledge and expertise on overcoming these challenges. We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, innovations and challenges in sourcing side of business so that our product development road-map is closely aligned.
If you are also planning to attend the event, we welcome the opportunity to meet and share ideas, so do look out for attendees with an Adjuno badge!


Shweta Chordiya – Marketing and Communications Manager, Adjuno
Shweta has worked in the supply chain industry for 10 years, six of which have been in Asia, based out of Hong Kong. Shweta has experience across a range of disciplines within the industry, notably supply chain operations, trade finance, marketing communications, PR, event management and content management for marketing collaterals. At Adjuno, she is responsible for all marketing and communications activity across the Asia Pacific region.