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Adjuno to speak at Supply Chain Innovation Summit in Shanghai, China

May 19, 2017
Posted by Shweta Chordiya

James Hargraves – Business Development Director at Adjuno will speak at Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2017 China Focus on 25th May, in Shanghai, China. This is a two-day summit divided into 7 sessions that will focus on various topics such as Supply Chain Innovation, Digitalization, Visibility, Innovative Supply Chain Technologies, e-Commerce Supply Chain and Cross-Functional Collaboration on a global scale.

This event is a global platform for supply chain management and logistics professionals, with over 30 expert speakers addressing the topics across Supply Chain Management Trends, Strategy, Logistics Innovation and Technology, Sustainability and Latest Hotspots.

Here is a snapshot of topics on the agenda:

  • Supply chain at new global economy and new era
  • Digital transformation in manufacturing
  • Technology and innovations across end to end supply chain
  • How supply chain innovations will change the social, economic and ecological perspectives of mega-cities
  • Connecting digital supply chain to achieve end to end visibility
  • Future of analytics in supply chain management
  • Improving supply chain collaboration and optimisation through software digital process and application
  • Integrating people, processes and global technology to optimise supply chain
  • Technology as a Foundation for Supply chain Transformation and Innovation
  • Supply Chain as a Revenue enabler
  • How IoT and smart devices are changing the interactions between suppliers, customers and consumers
  • Industry 4.0 and mega trends in Supply chain and Logistics 2017-2025

Furthermore, there will be few panel discussions where the experts will discuss supply chain digitalization, revolution and success; the Internet + Supply Chain; overcoming challenges on maintaining visibility, transparency and real-time information in multi-layered supply chains and more.

During the summit, James will speak about the “Future of Analytics in Supply Chain Management”. He is a supply chain process and visibility expert and has worked for a variety of global 3PLs, focusing on delivering cost and administrative efficiencies to retail and manufacturing clients.

If you’re planning to attend the event and have a question for James, please get in touch here prior his presentation, alternatively, you can meet him and other Adjuno colleagues at their booth during the day.

Shweta Chordiya – Marketing and Communications Manager, Adjuno
Shweta has worked in the supply chain industry for 10 years, six of which have been in Asia, based out of Hong Kong. Shweta has experience across a range of disciplines within the industry, notably supply chain operations, trade finance, marketing communications, PR, event management and content management for marketing collaterals. At Adjuno, she is responsible for all marketing and communications activity across the Asia Pacific region.