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Get Brexit Ready

June 27, 2018
Posted by Whitney Armstrong

The lack of clarity surrounding the implications of Brexit continues to frustrate retailers across the UK. Everything is still very opaque. When uncertainty constraints decision making, the perception that companies have no option but to operate blind for the next year or longer is radically affecting decision making and retailers are stalling until the final deal is set in concrete.
But isn’t this just unnecessary business paralysis?

While the thought of exploring new supply chains across Asia, Africa and the Far East may be daunting to those businesses who have only operated within the ease of UK markets, there are many new opportunities. With full visibility of the supply chain combined with a deep insight into global supply chain operations plus supply chain analytics to enable scenario testing, UK businesses are well placed to explore and exploit new markets, irrespective of political negotiations.

Rather than bemoaning th Brexit induces policy hiatus, organisations should consider this is an opportunity to strengthen supply chain flexibility to take advantage of trading openings inside and outside the EU. The key is for businesses to reconsider potential supply chains with robust scenario planning – that means leveraging in depth insight into global supply chain operations to understand potential new models. By evaluating a new critical path, organisations will encompass not only the new customs demands and freight operating costs but also the safety regulations that will come into force with non-EU suppliers, as well as ethical trading standards.

And with the possibility of free trade agreements with new markets such as Australia, further opportunities will become available, simplifying the trade process. In addition businesses will also be faced with greater possibilities inside the UK, with UK manufacturing on the rise. Offering organisations the ability to take back control of the design process, they will be able to establish a transparent supply chain that not only creates fast and quality fashion, but will also lower carbon emissions.

It’s time to act now

Waiting until the Brexit position has been clarified could mean many of the new global and UK based supply chain opportunities have already been snapped up. It is essential to act now; to ensure the right tools are in place to deliver full visibility of supply chain critical paths and support robust scenario planning. Without this insight, organisations simply will not be able to determine the impacts of new trading laws and tariffs, as well as the potential costs and duration of new supply chain routes.

It those businesses who have a firm handle on their supply chain who will be perfectly placed to respond to change – political, economical or competitive. And with the confidence to swiftly on-board suppliers, cost effectively re-route products and manage new borders and customs demands, organisations can shake off the uncertainty and make the proactive changes required to ensure supply chains remain slick and trading revenues strong.

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Whitney is a key member of the commercial team within Adjuno, based in the UK, she is responsible for assisting with the sales and marketing of its supply chain solutions. Whitney has a range of experience from working within compliance at a global healthcare company, to customer service for various companies in the retail industry.