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Innovation and Technology Symposium 2016 – when fashion meets technology!

September 22, 2016
Posted by Shweta Chordiya

Adjuno recently attended Innovation and Technology Symposium on 9th September 2016 organised by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme of the event was “When Fashion Meets Technology – The Art & Science of our Industry”.
The event began with 2 keynote sessions – first from Prof On Ching Yue, Science Advisor of the Innovation and Technology Commission, the Government of the HKSAR detailed the government policies to support innovation and technology development. He also shared information on various initiatives in terms of funding support, industry collaboration and nurturing of talents which has been carried out recently.
Second key note session was from Mr. Erik Bang, Project Manager, H&M Foundation who discussed why the fashion industry must innovate at the edge of imagination. He also stated the linear approach of today’s lifestyle is “Take| Make| Waste” which needs to change to a more circular approach where we can optimise resources and reuse the material. 8th August 2016 was marked to be an Overshoot Day in 2016 where we began to use more from nature than our planet can renew in a whole year.
Furthermore, Dr Lee presented an award for Partners in Progress to Dr Carol Lin of the City University of Hong Kong to recognise her research team for their expertise and collaboration during the research and development.
There were also a few plenary breakout sessions which explored fashion and technology applications in different areas such as, environment, apparel, airline, hotels and the healthcare industry.

Snapshots of the symposium
22 sept
Organisers, Keynote speakers and Sponsors of the event.
22 sept 2
Dr Lee presenting an award of Partners in Progress to Dr Carol Lin of the City University of Hong Kong
22 sept 3
Plenary breakout session – does fashion drive technology or vice versa?

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