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We now offer savings to insurers via an Amazon.co.uk Gift Card as cash alternative to settle claims

April 21, 2017
Posted by adjuno

amazon gift card
As part of our ‘Claims Fulfilment’ solution to insurers, we can now offer a value added service to our customers. We can now provide Amazon.co.uk Gift Card claim codes as a cash alternative to settle claims with policyholders.  Insurers such as AXA and Zurich use our ‘Claims Fulfilment’ solution to track and manage the claims process across third party suppliers and managing agents, from the first notification of loss, through to payments to suppliers and fulfilment to policyholders.

Many claims result in ‘cash’ settlements, which enables the claimant to fulfil their own claim and arrange a replacement or repair with a desired supplier. Now we are offering our insurance customers a service whereby they can offer Amazon.co.uk Gift Card claim codes as a ‘cash’ alternative, which are redeemed at the Amazon.co.uk store.

The benefit to insurers is that it speeds up the fulfilment process and reduces claim cycle times as it bypasses the usual payment process. It eradicates much of the admin time required to validate a cash claim. Furthermore, the Amazon.co.uk Gift Card claim code is generated from within the ‘Claims Fulfilment’ system and sent to the policyholder almost instantly, along with a personalised email message. There is no need for an exchange of bank details by the claimant and the insurer receives a discount of 2.5% off the face value of the Gift Card. This significantly reduces the cost of settlements where it replaces the traditional cash settlement method.

Gareth King, Senior Product Manager at Adjuno commented…

“This is a great opportunity to provide additional savings to insurers through offering Amazon.co.uk Gift Card claim code generation to our customers. Policyholders will benefit from a quick, no-fuss cash alternative and insurers can reduce claim cycle times through a more efficient customer service. We hope to collaborate with more leading companies like Amazon to offer ongoing added value and savings to the insurance industry during the Claims Fulfilment process.”

 If you would like a demo of this solution in action then please request one here.