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About Partner Collaboration

Adjuno’s Partner Collaboration provides a platform for the sharing of documentation, videos and newsfeeds – whether it’s Terms & Conditions requiring acknowledgement, the latest packaging training videos, or news that a certain DC is unexpectedly closed due to severe weather. Partner Collaboration not only surfaces this type of collateral, but also records the acknowledgement of these by the supplier to ensure compliance.

This in tandem with Adjuno’s Single-Sign-On Portal becomes the front door into all Adjuno systems providing a single, standardised process for vendors to follow.

Benefits & Key Features

Increase vendor engagement with the retailer and the retailer’s Adjuno systems

Increase vendor conformance with requirements (both historical and updated)

Simplify the sharing of key documents, videos, and news into a single repository

Reduce the risk of vendors missing key information

Upload key documents, news bulletins and videos

Track the acknowledgement of key documents by vendors

Share documents with vendors in a restricted manner ensuring vendors only see what they should

Create and track training plans for vendors to ensure they meet the required standard

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