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About Quality Control

Adjuno’s Quality Control module manages quality checks at any stage throughout the supply chain from origin, shipment and hubs to destination DC. The system books product inspections based on factory location and delivery schedules, assigning inspection criteria and inspection quantities. Adjuno’s smart technology, configured to ISO standards, gives Quality Control inspectors the power to record their results, automatically assigning an inspection outcome. The process paves the way for the option to assign actions for Quality Control outcomes to various parties.

Benefits & Key Features

Consistently improve product quality and reduce customer returns

Increase visibility of quality issues through a single repository of checks and their results

Improve efficiency of quality control auditors

Faster inspection cycles and speed to market

Configured to ISO standards to automatically calculate inspection quantities

Dashboards and notifications tailored to the user’s account to ensure actions are followed up

Configurable checklists by merchandise hierarchy to ensure the appropriate checks are performed

Automatic pass/fail calculation based on configurable tolerances

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