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About Freight Payments

Adjuno’s Freight Payments module presents groupings of charges in line with how providers will be invoicing, including the currency of the invoice, such as Freight, Haulage, Ancillary Charges etc. Based on actual supply chain activity the tool presents the expected costs using the On-Line e-Tariff so that the user only need be concerned if the invoice totals mismatch the invoice value received, allowing for quick approval upon a match, and further investigation if a mismatch occurs.

Benefits & Key Features

Reduce administration time and resource

Improve supplier relationships with fast invoice approvals and accurate estimations

Reduce the payment of incorrect invoices

Increase the speed of payment (or questioning) with real-time communications

Calculate multiple currencies into a single local currency

Add unexpected costs for invoice matching, and for historical analysis

Log history of changes to the online tariff tool

Workflows for management of outstanding tasks (and approvals)

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