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About Shipment Management

Adjuno’s Shipment Management module provides retailers with greater visibility and control over their shipments so they can maximise sales opportunities and shorten lead times cost effectively. The module allows retailers to easily plan, track, manage, analyse and execute both international and domestic movements across all modes, as well as the ability to hold the relevant and required shipment documentation within the solution. As with Order Management, through workflows and traffic light statuses, retailers can easily keep track of and prioritise tasks to ensure timely completion, and to help keep product lead times on track.

Benefits & Key Features

Reduce administrative resource requirements

Increase speed to market cost effectively

Reduce container and shipment costs

Decrease demurrage costs

Centralise and manage shipping documents in a single system

Deal with all modes of shipment

Tightly integrates with Order Management and Delivery Management

Confirm shipments into off-dock locations

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