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About Vessel Tracking

Adjuno’s Vessel Tracking module integrates with third party GPS to provide a real-time visual position of POs and products throughout their journey, from origin to destination. The real power comes from combining this GPS information with the information held within Adjuno’s other modules (specifically Order ManagementShipment Management and Delivery Management) so that users can dynamically search by PO, product, container, house-bill, shipment or vessel to locate the vessel, as well as understanding updated, or predicted ETAs.

Benefits & Key Features

Reduce administration time and resource in tracking vessels globally

Improve decision making capabilities

Increase visibility of potential or predicted delays to ETAs

Make visibility actionable through a tight integration of modules

Search by product, PO, container, house-bill, shipment or vessel

Integrates with third parties for (near) real-time GPS updates

Provides updated and predicted ETA for better decision making and planning

Access actionable data simply through the integration of GPS data with information held in other Adjuno modules

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